One of the best ways to take some time out for yourself, is to play some card games on your mobile. There is no shortage of different types of games that can be played on your favourite device. The reason card games are so advantageous is, although they still possess a lot of excitement, you are not about to experience a different type of stress that comes with some of the action games.

Playing card games on your mobile allows you to relieve some of the daily stresses that you may be experiencing, and at the same time, allows you to relax a little which you won’t experience with the high activity games. Yet the card games will challenge your intellect along with a mix of some luck in getting the right cards.

Some common games that you can play on your mobile are….

Single Player Games

If you are looking for some quiet time then you may want to play some single player card games. A quick and well known selection for this type of mobile card game play is the different versions of Solitaire.

Social Card Games

If you want to heighten the card game experience, then you can choose from a large selection of card games that allow you to challenge other players. Some of the favourite ones are….

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians

In this fast paced card game, you need to collect cards that will let you build a deck. With your built deck you go through different campaign phases that allow you to duel against other players to see who is going to become the victor.

This is just one example of a fast moving card game that only takes a mere few minutes to participate in exciting duels. So if you have a short lunch break, or want to spend your 15 minute coffee break having fun, this is a perfect choice.