Taking some time out for yourself to play a few games online using your most favourite device, or even just picking up a deck of cards for some enjoyment can be an amazing stress reliever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have someone to play with because you can enjoy a few games of solitaire and even better than that, enjoy some different versions of this game which have been around for a very long time.


FreeCell is a version of solitaire that was introduced and made popular by Microsoft several years back. What makes the game unique is that is an open version of the game meaning that you begin with all the cards facing up. They are laid out in 8 columns with the first four rows ending up with 7 cards in each, and the last four rows will have 6 cards each.

Now you are ready to face the challenge of the game which is to move the four aces up out of the rows, and build upon the suits of the aces from Ace followed by the 2, 3 4, and so on, until you have retrieved the King of each suit for the stacks of Aces.

Golf Solitaire

The objective for this version of Solitaire is to get the lowest score you can which likens it to a game of golf. You will play with one deck. You will form 5 rows of 7 cards each that are vertically laid so all of these cards are visible. The rest of the cards are kept in a stack face down.

As you make your game play you are building the foundation stacks of suits which can be built up or down. But only the top cards are the ones that you can play with. When you are no longer able to make any moves from your columns you then turn one card up for potential play from your face down stack. Continue playing until you no longer can make any moves.