Having a mobile device is great, and there is no doubt that it provides many hours of entertainment for all age groups. One of the problems that it may be creating is that people are simply lost without their mobile devices when it comes to entertaining themselves. Well, pen and paper was around long before the mobiles, and these two simple items can provide hours upon hours of entertainment. While there are many classic pen and paper games, some have really withstood the test of time.


Two people can have a lot of fun with this simple classic pen and paper game. One player draws a hangman’s noose. Then this player has to think of a word. Then draw blank lines for each letter that the other player has to guess. Each time the player gives a letter that is right, it is placed on the blank line. If the player misses a letter, then one part of a stickman’s body is drawn below the noose. The game continues until either the full outline of a stickman is drawn from the missed letters and ends up being hanged; or, the blank lines are all filled in before the stickman can be fully drawn, in which case the player is a winner. Now it’s time to reverse the roles.


This is such a quick and easy pen and paper game that can be played, and no other game tools are needed. It takes two players. A grid of nine squares is drawn. One person is going to use an X as their mark, and the other will use an O. Each player takes a turn filling in a square with their mark. The first person to form a line with their marks either horizontally, vertically, or corner to corner, wins the game.