There are many different categories of browser games that you can play. Seeking out those that are short in duration means that you can enjoy them on your lunch hour or when you are taking a coffee break. To take a rest from the browser action games you may want to try some browser brain teaser games. Some interesting choices are….


During this game play you will get to move through a series of puzzles that you will have a certain amount of time to complete. It is unlikely that you will master all of the levels when you are playing only at lunch time or when you are on your coffee break. But what this time allot will allow you to do is to play each puzzle until you have completely mastered it so you can move through them all quickly.

Words With Owl

Don’t be embarrassed because you are playing a brain teaser that has an owl that is going to put you through your paces. It may look like child’s play but wait until you get started. You are given a broken word that you need to find the letters for from the collection you are given. It starts off easy, but wait till you get going.

Brain teaser browser games offer great stimulation for any gender or age group. They can help rev up your energy when you hit that middle of the afternoon slump. Instead of running for a cup of coffee on your break, grab your tablet and start playing some of these brain teaser games to get you going again.

While it is easy to get hooked on one game, try to mix them up a bit as each game has its own unique way to stimulate parts of your brain. Also, remember brain teasers can be difficult, so stay calm and patient and don’t get frustrated or you will defeat the purpose of these types of games.