With the world of the internet at your fingertips, you can escape from the worries of your world on your lunch hour or lunch break anytime you have your mobile device with you. There are some great browser action games to take away that middle of the day tired feeling. A few action game plays are going to rejuvenate you in such a way you will feel full of energy and refreshed when you are ready to return to your work duties.

10 Bullets

If you want to introduce yourself to some target shooting that is pretty simple, then you need to target the 10 Bullets browser game to start out with. Make no mistake, you are going to have to sharpen your skills if you want to beat the challenges this game presents. You only get 10 projectiles to make you a victor. Your objective is to wipe out as many space craft as you possibly can with the amount of ammo that you are given, which is a mere 10 shots.

Cookie Clicker

If you are looking for a browser game that is beyond the norm, then Cookie Clicker might be to your liking. The only real thing you are going to get out of this game, is honing up your dexterity as you feverishly click on the cookies that you will generate throughout your game play. The challenge is to collect the power ups and unlock the cookies from the past using a time machine. Different but unique is what can be said about Cookie Clicker.

You will find as you begin to indulge in the many quick to play action browser games that you will get a much needed break throughout the day without it taking up too much of your time. Nor will you be disappointed in not being able to complete a game because of its complexity.