One thing that many offices have, is a certain level of stress, and most businesses are very hectic. It is difficult for co-workers to get to know each other on a more social level. Although the workplace is definitely a place for work, employees who get along well are much more productive. At the same time, it is difficult to get everyone to participate in after hours social events. A great solution for this would be to get a office card game tournament going.

Step One

First, you want to pick a card game that everyone is familiar with. While a lot of people may know how to play some of the classic poker games, not everyone will want to play this style of cards. You may want to go with one of the fun family card games like Hearts or Spades. You could begin by having a learner’s session so everyone becomes familiar with the game.

Step Two

Next, set the rules of the tournament. A lot of this will depend on how many people in the office are going to be participating. Assuming that there are 12 office workers that are going to participate, what you can do is set up groups of four to play off against each other. The winner of all four teams will then play against each other to see who the winner of the tournament is.

Step Three

There may be a bit of a challenge scheduling the game plays. If lunch hours are an hour long, then this may work as you should be able to get a few hands in on the chosen game during this time. If lunch hours are staggered for the entire office staff, then the games can be played during their designated lunch hour.

Step Four

An alternative to the lunch hour game play may be to arrange for an after work game play where a team stays back and plays their first round. On the fifth night you can have a battle against the team winners, and play to see who is the tournament winner.